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This is the place for the absolute best in hair styling in sports today! Permed or straight, long or short- if it shows true flair this is where you will see it.

However, what you won't see here are pictures of "bad as in actually bad/not good" hair or other funny haircuts. Only hair with "style" will be displayed.  All cheap attempts at Sportshair Style will be thrown in our NEW Sportshair Hall of Shame!  Submissions are welcomed but will not necessarily be accepted. All submissions should be sent to the webmaster by clicking HERE.

Why Sportshair.com? I have constantly been mocked for my affinity for men's hair. Being a big sports fan means I naturally mention to my friends when we are watching a game what I think of this guy's perm or that guy's mullet. If someone exhibits style I feel duty bound to point it out. However, I am not satisfied simply showing my friends- I now want to show the world what I think. Perhaps this will be the outlet for my constant hairstyle commentary- either way, prepare to enjoy yourself in this shrine to sporty locks!







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